Navigating Microaggressions:
A 360 View

Have you had interactions with colleagues, clients, friends, or family related to race, gender, or another identity, that left you wishing you’d handled them differently? Have you felt embarrassed, offended, exhausted, guilty or unsure of what to do or say? In this interactive workshop you will learn how to communicate through what we call microaggressions - whether you’re a bystander or recipient, or you’ve made a negative impact on someone. We’ll explore how microaggression takes a toll on us all, and how to develop resilience through building tools and framework for navigating these conversations.  

Building Your Diverse Team:
Best Practices for Better Outcomes 

Wondering why your job postings aren’t successful at recruiting a diverse pool of candidates? Struggling to retain a diverse work force? Learn how to improve both recruitment and retention in this interactive session. Participants will learn how to write more inclusive job ads, explore the impacts of networking and implicit bias on their hiring processes, and learn to utilize rubrics and diverse hiring committees to mitigate bias. Participants will also examine retention strategies, including policy intent vs. impact, climate surveys, and next step trainings for their teams.


Reaching Beyond the Choir:
Overcoming Defensiveness and Inviting Allyship 

In these divided times it’s difficult to imagine how we will ever bridge the chasm that keeps us deadlocked in conflict. Instead of making progress toward a more equitable society, we’re slipping backward into a time warp. Reaching the moveable middle is imperative if we are to succeed in altering the culture of discrimination in our institutions. Though it might feel good to grandstand, label naysayers, and unleash our anger at those who just don’t get it, these tactics don’t create the change we need. This workshop explores proven tactics for engaging in discourse that changes hearts and minds. We’ll dive into the science of the reptilian brain; learn how to “call in” microaggressors, instead of calling them out; and dissect the racist/non-racist dichotomy that furthers our aversion to talking about race.